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Comprised of Data Originators, Research Providers, Aggregators, and Investment Funds, the Investment Data Standards Organization (IDSO) represents the interests of Alternative Data industry participants and supports the acceptance and adoption of Alternative Data by Institutional Investors.



Member Benefits and Levels


Active participation in IDSO and its programs provides access rights to information and business intelligence that is not available elsewhere, opportunities to direct the growth and evolution of the Alternative Data industry, and relationships that empower members with a voice and influence over the standardization and best practices that directly affect their business.


IDSO members have the maximum access and value to ensure their company remains competitive and compliant in today’s ever-changing environment.

Key Benefits for full members

  • Participate in Working Groups and Governance Boards

  • Vote on IDSO agenda and publications

  • Access to IDSO publications

  • Access member only content and exclusive events

  • Access to member forums


Membership Inquiries:

General Info:

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